Career Goals & Interests

Background Information:
As an undergrad, I contemplated changing my major from Management Information Systems (MIS) to something else. What that something else would have been- I’m not sure. There was just something about the whole business curriculum that wasn’t quite fulfilling my interests. My main interest was pursuing the technical side of things. I didn’t care to take Accounting, Economics, and Finance classes. Nevertheless, I stuck it out and even added a double major (Management) as well as a Psychology minor (OVERACHIEVER!?) Yes, I also had an interest in psychology- but I eventually dropped the minor because it no longer made sense to me to waste more time pursuing something that didn’t necessarily fit with my majors. (Although I was only two courses away from the minor).


After graduating, not finding a job to satisfy my techie brain but eventually getting a job that would pay for my education after six months of employment, I decided to look into grad schools. After searching and reviewing schools that offered IT, IS, and CS programs, I decided to apply to Southern Polytechnic State University’s Master of Science in IT. That was the only school I applied to and I got accepted. I chose to apply to that particular program because of the flexibility of on campus and online classes; and the fact that IT focused on technical and business side of IT rather than solely consisting of programming (which I do not enjoy at all). 

LaptopSo, fast forwarding my story to the present- here I have finally graduated and I can definitely say that I have gained a lot from my graduate studies. One of the most valuable things I have learned is perhaps my niche. Upon starting the program I had an interest in Information Security and Web Design. After progressing through the program I discovered that my most interesting and engaging courses were those that involved some sort of business concepts integrated with the IT field. I never thought after undergrad that I would really  be interested in pursuing a career that involved a lot of my B.B.A knowledge.

After finally gaining a position in IT, I have gotten some hands on experience in project management and that has somewhat reinforced the desire to pursue a career that encompasses both business and IT to some capacity. I have researched various opportunities that involve some type of management in IT. Right now my main focus is pursuing areas such as IT Project Management, Business Analysts, etc.

This brings me to my current career goals:
A career that enables me to utilize my knowledge obtained in my B.B.A program as well as knowledge obtained in my M.S.I.T program. My plan for this year is to get the ITIL 2011 Foundation certification before the end of summer 2014.







Aside from Information Technology & Business:
While my main focus is IT and integrating business, I also have a separate interest in Non-Profit. I’m not particular interested in pursuing any degree programs involving non-profit; however, this is something that I have recently become passionate about and plan to pursue in my leisure after graduating and getting my IT certifications.

I really have a special place in my heart for helping youth- more particularly high school aged, inner city youth. I want to- to some capacity- be able to help these students figure out their next step after high school and be successful in whatever their next step is (whether it be college, work force, military, etc.). I have currently been in the researching and brain storming stages of the non-profit ambitions. My goal is to have this off the ground and running by the 2015-2016 school year.

To sum up my career goals: I am IT/Business/Non-Profit ambitious. I have a strong desire to integrate my IT and Business knowledge and obtain a career that allows me to fully utilize knowledge from both areas. I plan to focus on my Non-Profit aspirations as a leisure activity; and maybe someday integrate it into my Business/IT career.


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