IT Strategy, Policy, & Governance

Defining IT Strategy, IT Policy, and IT Governance

IT Strategy:


“The overall plan which consist of objective(s), principles and tactics relating to use of the technologies within a particular organization” (Wikipedia, 2014). Furthermore, I view IT strategy as the plan of action that is developed to align the IT Department or company with its goals. 

IT Policy:

A set of procedures and rules that define what should and shouldn’t be done in daily operations. Most IT policies are created with the IT strategy in mind as a guide in how to achieve certain strategic goals.

IT Governance:
ITGP“IT governance aims to ensure that expectations for IT are met and IT risks are mitigated.” (IT Governance Institute, 2007). Moreover, IT governance is responsible for guiding the activities of IT so that various objectives are met. This is all important to IT because enterprise goals need to be sufficiently supported and enabled. (IT Governance Institute, 2007).

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