Summary & Conclusion

In Summary:

IT Strategy, Policy, & Governance– In almost any company, IT strategy, policy, and governance are just as important as the overall business strategy, policy, and governance. As we continue to see an evolution in technology (especially the technologies commonly used by various businesses and companies) we will continue to see a need to continuously develop and modify IT strategies, policies and governance for the technology. In order for those three to be successful, IT and business professionals need to be sure to that there is a clear alignment or path to making these align in the various areas of the whole company.

Creating Value– The first step to show the value of meeting business needs and functional requirements through IT is to first develop a clear and thorough understanding of the actual business’ needs and functional requirements. Without the clear understanding, it would be difficult to even begin to determine ways to show value. However, with a clear understanding, an IT professional can effectively create a plan for strategy, policy, and governance. In an area such as IT Project Management, for example, one would need to stay up to date on changes in needs and requirements of not just IT but the overall business so that they can develop a strategy in the best way for their iron triangle to work effectively for the projects and all those involved in the project.


In conclusion:

Developing this toolkit has been a very useful assignment. Gathering content for this site  has allowed me to gain a clearer understanding of IT strategy, policy, and governance and how they fit into Information Technology and the Business. Being that this is my final semester of grad school before earning my Master’s Degree, I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and the assignments. While I usually retain assignments from courses, they are often not as easily to access since they are stored in a folder on my personal computer. However, this assignment is one I can always reference whenever I have access to the Internet. I also hope to use this toolkit as a part of a professional portfolio that I can utilize when attempting to advance my career.



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